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Zarafa enables users to work with mobile devices using different technologies. You can use ActiveSync compatible devices over Z-Push and BlackBerry devices using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for push mail and calendars and contacts synchronization.


Zarafa supports an ouch wide range of business  phones and PDA's. With the Z-Push project, the extension of open source ActiveSync , you can synchronize email, contacts, calendar and tasks with Zarafa.  Z-Push has also support for push-mail to receive real-time your incoming email. You do not have to click send/receive or establish an Internet connection to receive your emails.

Zarafa covers both leadership and cooperation around Z-push. This means that Zarafa works with other parties on this dominant open source ActiveSync compatibility platform. This enables Zarafa to get better software by using early customer feedback on new business handhelds.

The following devices are supported by Z-Push:
Windows Mobile based devices

  • Apple iPhone
  • Nokia E-series
  • Palm Treo 650, 680, 700
  • Sony Ericsson P990, W950, M600
  • Android (native for new models, via third party tool Touchdown for less recent models)

Please check the Z-Push website for more information and downloads.
[2 screenshots: iphone with Zarafa mail and calendar]


BlackBerry devices are integrated over RIM infrastructure using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
(BES) or Blackberry Professional Software (BPS). MAPI compatibility enables Zarafa to emulate Exchange behavior and therefore be compatible with the BES. Different versions are available for installation.
Synchronization for your BlackBerry is possible from version 6.20 on through native support of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
You can download the Zarafa Blackberry integration package on  The Blackberry integration is compatible with the Zarafa Professional and Enterprise editions.

[Screenshot BlackBerry Storm with Zarafa mail and calendar]



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